The Future is Now

I visited Comcast SportsNet today as part of my Sports and Social Media class. It was extremely fascinating to see how a company is still growing and adjusting. It wasn’t a bad thing per se, because the Internet, along with social media, is an ever-changing field.

 In fact, the newly appointed Senior Director of Creative Services, Jay Wadhwa, looks at the younger generation for answers. He believes that we’ll be the ones interviewing him for a job in the year future.

 Social media is becoming more and more important, and Wadhwa mentioned that it’s not about targeting just one group of sports fans. It’s about targeting a White Sox fan, a Cubs fan, a Bulls fan, and a Blackhawks fan all separately. Catering to what they want.

 Wadhwa described how the Blackhawks gained a huge female following within the past year because they have handsome players. The team started to cater to the female fan while still holding onto their 18-34-year-old male demographic and how it was “genius.”

 The future is bright for someone like myself, and many others in my generation. We have a whole array of tools at our disposal to branch out to different audiences. 

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