Just Leave Me alone, Dammnit

GamesRadar, posted an article explaining how online multiplayer games have become anti-social gaming atmospheres. 

I know that I am guilty of this, but there’s a reason why. Growing up, I would play multiplayer video games in person with my friends or my brother. Once Xbox Live came around, I thought it was a neat opportunity to do the same, but play with my friends who were 20 minutes away.

Of course over the years that has changed drastically. Games used to require teamwork or a group of people talking to each other to get whatever the hell they wanted done. Nowadays that isn’t the case. When I go online in Battlefield 4, I don’t want to talk to anyone. I just want to kill people and waste about an hour. And then of course there’s the little kids who swear and make me feel old, the people who blast music through their mics, or the lone person just talking into the mic.

I usually just end up muting them all.

It makes me feel terrible because a game like Battlefield 4 pretty much runs on teamwork. Huge 64 player maps with teams of 32. And each player is put into groups of mini “squads” so they can efficiently work together. Of course, no one ever communicates.

The multiplayer world isn’t going to change. It’s stale. People have no motivation to do anything.


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