Piercing the Spectacle

The argument in the article presents both dated, and relevant information for todays world. The article states educational games at the , time aren’t very useful, stating, “The reason why we have not succeeded in building good games for education is that to do so would entail reconstructing the notion of education itself. In particular, we would need to redefine what it means to be a good learner. Instead of receiving information, we might construct understanding. Instead of giving the right answer, we might think of taking an appropriate action. Instead of obeying the rules, we might question authority.”

I think this is where certain open-world sandbox games come into play. It sounds like the author is describing games like Fable, Mass Effect, Deus Ex,  or the various Elder Scrolls games. In those games, you are able to make the choice and decide what to do, and how to do it. The games may give you a general quest or a ‘structure’ to follow, but it’s up to the player how to go about it. It is the spectacle he or she is looking for.

But then again, they’re pretty spot on regarding mobile games. They’re right, people prefer interactivity compared to sitting (or standing) on a loud, long train ride. But that shows how dated the article is again. The author is talking about mobile games. But with the booming mobile phone industry, people web surf, check facebook, play games, check emails all on the go. People even bring their tablets on the train now to read books. All that “junk”, is what people still consume to this day.

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