My Thought’s on ‘The Cabal’

This weeks article is interesting to me. I always love “what if?” stories. What would have happened if Valve continued to make the game they originally had intended to make? I doubt the internet would be craving for a Half-Life 3. It’s always great to read about the process developers when they re-work almost every aspect of a game they have busted their asses for. Valve clearly had this ambitious project with cool monsters with great set pieces but it wasn’t very fun to play.

They spent 11 months looking for a “game designer” to lead them down the special to help they achieve what they want. It was clear that their goals were too lofty for one, eventually realizing that what they needed was in them all along. It was almost cliche to read that. It was like in Space Jam when Bugs Bunny tricks the Tune Squad into drinking Michael Jordan’s secret stuff.

And then the kicker at the end: They mention they’re applying this same process to Team Fortress 2, a game they’re currently (at the time) developing. It wouldn’t be released until 2007. Its clear that they’re ambitious, and Team Fortress 2 proves that. That game has undergone such a radical development. It’s clear that they finely tuned everything to be just right for that game. It’s what makes Valve such a great developer.

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