A New Wave of Turnerization

I think its sad to me when artists let their original works fall to the waist side and become unoriginal versions of themselves. What George Lucas did to Star Wars is the prime example of this. I was aware that this trend has been happening in the games industry for years already. Square Enix had to basically remake Kingdom Hearts HD edition from scratch since the original game doesn’t exist anymore. I think Mackey makes a good point when he says that the industry is all in favor of moving forward with things but they’re willing to forget the past.

I also like the point that was made that the purest games still left are ROMs on the internet, and even those are illegal to play. If gamers want to play something that has been out of print for years, or is hard to get, then they have to turn to the internet. Why make a class game like Manic Mansion if it won’t exist for people to play in the future? The game is one of the great relics that Lucas Arts had as company and they don’t even exist anymore.

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